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The Web Module is a simple Active Server Pages (ASP) application.  It runs on your Intranet web server and shares the same database used by the Administration Module. It uses a very thin client. All scripting is performed on the server. Its features are limited and are intended for employee/students and supervisors.  Training Administrators will need the Administration Module to perform administration tasks.

Disk Space:

150 KB is required for all ASP pages, a graphic and a DLL.

Server Requirements:

NT 4.0 with SP 4 and Options Pack 4 or greater OR 2000 Server
IIS 4 or newer.
MDAC 2.1 or newer.

Website must permit running of script files and be configured as an application.

See installation documentation for additional details.

Client Requirements

A web browser with the following capabilities:

  • Display HTML Forms
  • Display Tables
  • Connection to Company Intranet
  • Accept Cookies

Currently all data validation is done on the server to make the web based features compatible with a variety of browsers. All pages and reports display equally well in Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 4 and newer. The web based features do not at this time use client script, frames, or background sounds.

Cookies are required for all features requiring a login. This makes it possible to track and identify the logged in user and their access level as they navigate from page to page.  Cookies are also used to temporarily save the users preferences.

Summary of Installation:

Actual detailed installation instructions are provided with the Web Module.

  • Create a new website or use an existing one.  The pages are named so they will not interfere with existing pages.

  • Configure the website as a web application.

  • Copy the DLL to C:\Winnt\System32 or a Component folder.

  • Register the DLL with a command line statement.

  • Copy or publish the ASP pages, a graphic and a Global.asa file to the website.

  • Put a link on your home page pointing to the login page for the Web Module.

If database is on another server, edit the data connection in the Global.asa file.

Email Requirements:

Any email system which can be referenced from ASP script can be used. By default the Training Register Web Module uses SMTP and the CDONTS.NewMail object.  These will be present if Exchange is installed or can be added from the NT Options Pack.

If you would like to use a different method of sending email, just send us snippet of ASP code that works on your server and we will add it to the Web Module.

General Info:

The Web Application can be installed on our web server in about 10 minutes using the instructions we provide. But then, we have done it a few times.  Because of the variety of corporate network security configurations it is impossible to predict the time required for your installation.  When problems do occur, they are almost always security related.

For security issues, we can refer you to several MS Knowledge Base articles.  For other installation issues, we are happy to provide instructions, hand holding and troubleshooting help.

Installing the Web Module is a job for IT personnel. We recommend the installer have some experience with NT, Internet Information Server, configuring websites and at least access to someone who can help with security issues should they arise.  Installing the files, registering the DLL and creating a DSN will be easy.  We will provide both instructions and phone help as needed. Making a connection to a database on a different server will be more difficult and raise some security issues.

MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is a free download from Microsoft's website and contains database drivers required for DSN and DSNless connections. It simply updates the "32 ODBC Data Sources" program found on the Control Panel.  We have an ASP page you can run to learn what version you have installed.


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