Import Utility- Features

Here are a few of the tasks YOU can perform with the TrainingRegister® Import Utility Module:

Note: The Administration Module comes with a Built-in Import Utility at no extra cost.  A Custom Import Utility is available when importing needs exceed the capabilities of the Built-in Import Utility.

Save a lot of manual data entry!

Add New employees automatically without manual entry.

Mark Terminated employees with "inactive" status to keep them from most reports and the training needs based reports.

Easily deal with name changes.

Automatically update the Employee/Student table with Demographics, Job, Department, Division and other classification changes.

What WE Can Do for You with the Custom Import Utility:

Occasionally, we can import old training records on a one time basis.  The Employee data described above is intended to be imported/updated on a regular basis by you.

Either Import Utility is designed to read the data which is exported from your HRIS, payroll system or other database containing employee/student data.



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