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Help! What Modules Should I Purchase?

Administration Module:

The Administration Module is the main module and will be required.  Other modules are optional. 

Web Module:

If you have an Intranet and can use the Web Module, it is available at no extra cost. Employees and Supervisors can use this module to request enrollment in scheduled training and to see their own records.  Supervisors have additional privileges.

Built-in Import Utility Module:

The Administration Module contains a Built-in Import Utility at no extra cost.

This utility is used to import employee data from an HRIS or payroll database and keep the TrainingRegister database updated. It takes care of adding new employees, marking terminations inactive and updating position changes.  This utility is very popular because is such a time saver.

Custom Import Utility:

Available when import needs exceed the capabilities of the Built-in Import Utility.

Annual Support Package:

For each product purchased, this Support Package includes unlimited telephone technical support and software training for 2 contact people at your organization and all available software updates. This Annual Support Package is included for the first year. Purchase of additional support is optional. The Annual Support Package will always be less costly than purchasing an update.


What Do the Different Modules Cost?

Click here for a price list and discount information.


How Do I Make a Purchase?

Purchasing is simple!  You can be operational almost as soon as you say "GO!".

An Invoice is issued upon verbal request or upon receipt of a purchase order, and sent to you via email.  Print it and submit it for payment.  A substantial discount is available if you can deliver or postmark your payment within 21 days of the invoice date.

Your registration is extended to permit immediate and uninterrupted use of the TrainingRegister® products invoiced.

Software training, help with network installation and getting started help are immediately available. You can easily be operational in a day or two.

The Import Utility (if purchased) will be customized as soon as import data are provided for testing.  2 - 5 days are required to complete this task. 30 minutes are required for installation and testing on your system.

A permanent registration is issued upon receipt of payment.

Note: It is not necessary to reinstall TrainingRegister.  It is usually moved to a shared folder on your server and may be installed on additional workstations.  All installations must share the same common database.

Price List


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