Administration Module - Features

Here are some of the tasks you can do with TrainingRegister® Administration Module:

Document a permanent training history for each employee.  Inactive employees can be excluded from reports and the training needs analysis.

Track and monitor training which is required for a specific job, task, department or individual.

Easily E-Mail confirmation letters, training rosters, training schedules and other reports.  All reports are displayed in the default internet browser.

Easily prepare Certificates of Completion in batch or individually, before or after class completion.  Training records can be easily merged with custom certificates created with a word processor.

Permit simultaneous multi-users to access or edit training data.   Multiple security levels are used to maintain data integrity.

Schedule classes, facilities, instructors, employees, and training resources with conflict checking and prevention.

Be certain that your data will always be accessible with Microsoft tools.   Proprietary data formats are not used.  The database structure is not a secret.

Track training requirements for licensed personnel.

Enjoy unlimited custom report writing with Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports or any DBMS which can use Access databases.  A menu selection quickly creates a copy of the database in Microsoft Access format for custom reporting or analysis.

Create, administer, and monitor training programs that ensure specific training for specific individuals. Training programs can be setup for any staff development project, division, department, job description, task, etc. An individual can participate in multiple training programs including their own personal training program.

Keep tabs on required periodic training.

Identify what training is needed based on the number of individuals that need the training.

Quickly know who needs a specific class.

Monitor Training Progress by Employee, Position, Job, Department, Division or Account Code.

ISO Document Revision Control.

Record multiple skills to each employee.  List all employees who possess a specific skill.  List all skills an employee possesses.  Optionally record skills with a Skill Level, Date Acquired and Approving Supervisor.

Affirmative Action Reporting.  Report training hours broken down by race, gender and age.

Import WBT/CBT history data.

Shares the same database with the Web Module.  The Web Module is described in another section on this website.

Approve Enrollment Requests, created by employee/student using the Web Module, and prepare confirmation letter.

Approve and import new users created by employee/student using the Self-Registration Module. Let them do the data entry.


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