Web Module - Features

Login ID, Password and Access Level for the Web Module are set using the Administration Module.  Employees can only see their own records.  Supervisors can see records of other employees.  Neither can make changes to the database.

Here are a few tasks which Employees/Students can do with the TrainingRegister® Web Module:

View their Personal Training Schedule.  This lists all scheduled training for which they are scheduled to attend or instruct.

View their own Complete Training History. This shows all training recorded, classes dropped and classes in which they are enrolled.

View their Required Training Progress.  This shows all required training and how they are progressing.  Training requirements are defined by the training programs (curricula) they are linked to because of their position, job, dept, division and/or task.

View their Compliance with Required Training.  This displays a summary rather than the detail which is included in the Required Training Progress report.

View some of their Employment and Demographic Information.

View Scheduled Classes, Enrollment Rosters and Details about each Class Offering.  Scheduled Classes can be filtered by Category.

Request Enrollment in Scheduled Training.  The request can be configured to go to the employee's supervisor, the Training Administrator that owns the class or both.  This permits implementing a custom approval process.

Review and launch WBT (Web Based Training) titles which have been configured to be displayed on the website.  Configuration is performed with the Administration Module.

Here are a few of the things Managers/Supervisors can do with TrainingRegister® Web Module:

Supervisors can search for and display training records of any employee. This requires a higher access level than an employee/student and is configured in the Administration Module.

After locating an employee, the supervisor can perform all tasks and view all reports listed above as though he/she were the employee.

The supervisor can, for instance, request enrollment for employees who do not have access to the Web Application.

View additional Management Reports which are made accessible on the Supervisor menu.  These reports may be canned or custom.

Approve Enrollment Requests from Employee/students and forward to the Training Administrator.


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